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GUIDE: Sådan kommer du nemt igang med kundalini yoga hjemme på stuegulvet og du får månedens kundalinimeditation ♥

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Sat Nam du kære, Kan du hjælpe mig med at finde inspiration…

kundalini yoga

Du har dejlig krop!

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Pernille - du har dejlig krop! Det er mandag formiddag og jeg…
sådan genfinder du indre ro med mantra

Forny din energi på 3 minutter!

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Tag en DYYYYBBBB indånding siger jeg sikkert hver gang, jeg…
åbn dit hjerte

Det tager 40 dage at ændre en vane

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Jeg HAR prøvet; kun at spise usundt i weekenden; at ændre min…
yoga til begyndere

Yoga - din begynderguide

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Yoga- og meditationstrenden i Danmark er vokset EKSPLOSIVT de…

Cappuccino Meditationen

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Om denne meditation: Effekten af denne meditation skal opleves.…

Detox og destress – Øg din indre styrke og få mere livsglæde

Detox og Destress - Øg din indre styrke og få mere livsglæde

Køb min seneste bog og øg din indre styrke E-bogen kan printes ud og er beskrevet i et let forståeligt sprog.

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Dit daglige Yogagram

Er tjekket ind hos healer, gudinde og magiske hjertekvinde Marianne Lane, hvor jeg idag optager Kundalini Yoga til eleverne på hendes kommende uddannelse ❤️✨🙏 #dybroyoga #kundaliniyoga #workingfrom theinsideout #mariannelane #loveleader #healing #breath
🎁 Today I celebrated my b(Earth)Day and what a wonderful day I’ve enjoyed ✨

Started my new year and dance around the sun 🌞 with 2,5 hours of kundalini yoga and meditation ✨ The students on the Teacher Training sang and showered me in love and rememberance of the One ✨

Tears of joy, love and gratitude for sharing my path of living kundalini yoga with the world and lifting the vibration within and without. 
We are what the world is waiting for.
 Loveleaders stepping in and up to the calling for peace and joy 💕💕 The snow ❄️ dancing as a beautiful gift from Mother Earth and The Heavens smelted on my warm skin. 
Flowers of love and of high vibration in my arms as I stood in the presence of the present 💝 
Feeling so rich and strong 💪🏻 My daughters and husband had prepared cake, gifts and words for me. A nap on the couch, and warm lavender bath whilst listening to the soothing mantra in and for the Goddess Oshun 💕 and a belly filled with delicious food 💕

I love transitions and I honour the transition into a new life year. I look forward to being in service with joy, ease, a strong back, soft front and my wild heart 💓 
#birthdaygirl #aquarianloveleader #dybroyogastudio #kundaliniyoga #flowers #snow #joy #oshun #doterra #
😂😂 Love that My video is even upside-Down ❤️❤️ I am committed to Sharing and living kundalini yoga in accordance with the seasons of Mother Earth 🌏 
Honouring the natural flow of HER within and without. 
On the yoga mat and off the yoga mat.

Gifts of high vibration crystals and chocolate 🍫 brain training and teaching a slow flow yoga class and a long walk flavoured my day and filling my cup so that when the results from my scan came back, with the suggestion of surgery I feel calm and open to feel and hear the pulse of HER / Mother Earth within and trusting 😘👍👍 #dybroyoga #kundaliniyoga #healing #enagicrystals #doterra #faith🙏 #motherearth
First Monday of February and what a gift 🎁 to be breathed and to feel joy 🌸🌱 My ceremonial kakao from @kakaodrinkingchocolate arrived and I am sipping these dark warming drops of sweetness and setting the intention for the day 🌹💕🌸 #
Words once spoken by Yogi 🧘‍♀️ Bhajan repeat themselves in my heart space- and I surrender fully into the mission of my heart 💓 to share these teachings to woman! 
To be woman requires a lot of strength. Your glandular system, your intelligence and your consciousness have to be extraordinary strong so you can be on the winning side. All strength of the Universe is within you. It cannot be found outside. Those who do not develop strength from inside cannot get it from the outside either”

May you bathe in the waters of consciousness knowing that we are all drops of water longing to return to the sea and that we are all one ✨ 💕 #dybroyoga #kakaoceremoni #healing #breathe #joy #womanhood #risesisterrise #kundaliniyogatemplet
💕Kundalini Yogatemplet - din online Ashram - har åbnet sine døre for tilmelding 👍✨
(Link i bio) 🦋 Mindre indhold
🦋 Større fordybelse
🦋 Kundalini yoga, meditation, fællesskab, spiritualitet KUN for kvinder 💕

Templet er for dig, der måned efter måned vil inspireres til at leve et liv i høj vibration og er klar til at tage lederskab over eget energisystem og for alvor tage afsked med alle dine begrænsende overbevisninger, som holder dig tilbage for at træde 100% ind i dit lys.


#kundaliniyogatemplet #dybroyoga #kundaliniyoga #onlineashram #fordybelse #healing #spiritjunkie #doterra #tribe
A quote for the toolbox of life 🙏❤
How can I know truth?

Yogi Bhajans way of viewing this:

If there is a truth, it will be universal and mutual to all.

If it is an ego, it will be mutual only to a few. 
If it is a neurosis, it will be mutual only to you. - Yogi Bhajan 
#dybroyoga #yoga #yogaoffthemat #truth #yogibhajan #spiritjunkie #invicibleliving #healing #motherhood #consciousliving 
Den der følelse, når du har fået nakke og hjerne MR-scannet ✨✨💕 Min hjerne er helt rundtosset - så nu hvile og NUL sociale medier 👍

Billederne af min nakke og hjerne bliver med sikkerhed, de flotteste de nogensinde har set 😘❤️😉🦋 #healing #kundaliniyoga #rest #restitution #grateful #beautifulbrain #dybroyoga
Kundalini book writing flow 💕
👉 Doterra diffuser with Franchincense, Elevation and spearmint to give joy to my mood and lift 👉 Mantra on repeat that supports writing flow 💓 “all that is stuck shall move” 👉 Lights burning 👉 Angel and the guardians of light cards ♥️ 👉 Mind on meditation 🧘‍♂️ 👉 Burning message in my heart ❣ 
Kundalini Yoga book in my mother language Danish manifested and getting ready to leave my womb of creation and service the world 🦋🦋🕊🕊 #dybroyoga #kundaliniyoga #kundalinibog #yogaforindrestyrke #doterra #essentialpractice #yogibhajan #service #loveletters #healing #joy #kundaliniyogaforalle
✨✨ Road trip to oil PASSION @doterra ❤️🕊 On our way to check up with surgeon 😷 ... Thank you for all your love, healing and prayers 💕💕 Keep them coming for the healing process for Cecilia 😘😘 The emotional aromatherapy and kundalini yoga techniques are my go-tos and support me in keeping up (since my whiplash is very active these days). So thank u peeps- we love you and thank you 🙏 ✨❤️❤️ #dybroyoga #kundaliniyoga #healing #doterra #essentialpractice #mindsetmastery #surrendered #love #whiplashowner #prayeristalkingtogodmeditationislettinggodtalktoyou

Yoga i din øresnegl